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Son Of Dork Secrets

Honesty is rare

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Secrets from Son Of Dork fans about the band.
[Idea thanks to mcflysecrets, hansonsecrets & bsbsecrets]

How to submit:
1) Design the graphic that relates to your secret using the program of your choice. [Good examples at mcflysecrets]

2) Host the picture on imageshack or other such site and copy us the code.

3) Leave a comment on the most recent submissions post, pasting your link and hitting the anonymous user button so we don't know who you are.

4)If the following message comes up, you did it right: Your anonymous comment has been added. According to this community's settings, it was marked as screened, and will be visible only to the community maintainers until they choose to unscreen it.

5) Secrets will be posted roughly once a week in a new entry. If your graphic is too big, it will be resized. Please make your graphic able to be read. Secrets will be posted in a random order.

6) Don't make secrets up as there's not really a point to that. The secrets are anonymous anyway so nobody will know who sent in what secret. Please don't be rude or nasty to the other fans as that's not the point in the community.

7) All users can comment anonymously at any point. No IPs will ever be logged.

8) Text speak is not preferable in secrets as we'd appreciate if we could actually understand your view.

9) We do not tolerate bashing against a person who posted a secret in our community. You may argue your point but if it gets too far, I will have to interupt.

10) If you have a question, feel free to comment & one of us shall reply to it.

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