*on behalf of myself, I spologise for the sham that was my posting and all consequent reprecussions of sod secrets this week. The comments are now unscreened, I think. I was ill, thats my feeble excuse. bring back bethany!*

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RE: Where's the love.

A few people have been messaging us, anonymously of course, saying that they feel this is a hate site; that we should be shut down; perhaps that we've taken things too far, and that we are to blame for countless offenses.

We want to point out right now that the opinions expressed on this site, like that of ANY PUBLIC MEDIUM are not ours- they are YOURS. YOU are the fans posting secrets, be them hateful about a certain member, or not. We accept no responsiblity. If you're posting hateful things and are getting upset about what you get in return, maybe you shouldn't post on here. We don't condone, or censor what people hand in. Why should we. It isn't a crime to have opinons, although some of you are too hypocritical to realise when you're accusing everyone of your own crimes.

We've asked people already to tone down on the abuse at Steve. We like him. Blaming us for people disliking him, is grossly innacurate and unfair. If you have a problem with us liking Steve then feel free, to buggar off. We won't miss you.